A recall to the summer

Oooohhh summer, dear summer… how i miss you:(

For being so beautiful, i wrote you a short poem, so please, receive it;))

You are full of dreams,

You are the best moment of the year

You are the infinite fun,

The days seems to go away near you

And the sound of your voice never stops.

Summer, summer, don”t go away

Let us some romance, excitament and

Enhance the joy of life;)

How i miss you,

Coz i never seem to charish long enough

And almost every year you go away before

we get a chance to fully experience our dreams. 😉

Summer by the sea,

Summer between the mountains,

Summer near the loves ones,

Summer and the wonder of the way,

You raise of the glistening sun,

The fun, happiness and musical

Seems to be your children;)

Of, your gentle soft can touch my soul

The delightful blue of the sky

The wonder and the beauty of the ocean

They all call me to feel young again;)

Your splendor calls me on and on

I wanna live near the seaside

To be in the middle of everyone

And live you as a mystical time, day by day.

I am recalling you now,

I left on you all my sandy shoes,

My colourful hat and sun lotion,

Help me dance again on your misty ocean sprays;))

All, youngs and old alike call to play

Jumping all around,

Eliberating all free spirits

Coz no place on earth is as perfect as you🤗😍

Come on hot summer

Bring on your Shinny days

Turn the parties on, becouse it

Makes these days the best of our times,

Let us live it up, with no fears;)

Not only the sun, the fun, the love

Are smiling on our faces in the july

But in the morning, every day i open my eyes

I love the smell of the city lights;)

The past, the friends, the laughs

And all the camping fires

Seems to be the mist of a waterfall🤗

Sounds like its always a song of the wind

So quit, so peaceful, so blessed.

I wanna touch your wings

to go back in time

With so much long and happy days

Touch again the sky

and scream on top of the sea:

yeahh, don”t go away!


With your Round and sparkling moon

Never wanna be sick of you ;)!

Answer me now, summer!

I love summer coz is more than seeing your eyes, and it”s my favourite season of the year, becouse it gets me so much new memories;)

So, these fantastic months are to relax and enjoy the life, the sun, get away of the school and work.

These days, i miss you more and more!

Photos: personal gallery 🤪