Be Your Own Kind of Beauty

inner beauty

Someone said a phrase like this:

Beauty is Infinite, Beauty is Health, Beauty is Truth, Beauty is Power! 

and that let me think: we are all beautiful people, we all have a heart and a brain. What makes us so different and so delightful?

Maybe the answer is right here, in these words: beauty, infinite, health, truth and power. We ll know that the personal beauty comes from us, from our inner, and it has a magical role, a role that enhances all important aspect of our existence.

Being beauty is a magnificent experience to all, a part of us that does us make feel powerful and reliable.

So, what is beauty?

Beauty is the personal source of energy, our personal magic, because it is the essence of what I am, You are and so on. The beauty inside us connects us to other from this place, planet or world.

All of us feel the beauty, maybe one of us feel beauty by wearing a make-up, other wearing expensive clothes, and…. some of us feel beautiful just being themselves.

It is our role to radiate this beautiful truth

Our real beauty is on the inside. Does n”t count too much the expensive watch someone wears on his hand, doesn’t mean that you have to buy all expensive accessories or clothes to feel beautiful.

Where does it come from, this beauty?

Let me say to you that beauty comes from the bottom of your soul and it does not come from the elusive or outside of us. Each of us has its own personal beauty. It is a unique characteristic of who we are, how are we expressing in front of the others, how we make ourselves pleasant.

Its kinda our birthmark or out thumb print: it is exclusively our own. I could say that our personal beauty comes from the heart, our center of love.

This center, of love, is the most important part of us. It is the vital force of our spirit, the energy that boost in any day, the power that inspires us to wake up daily and be beautiful. Our beauty is US: a divine light that sparks in the night, a wonderful light bulb that shines through each cell of our being.

Honestly, you cane never be anything in this life if you do not have beauty by your side.

The Beauty is on the inside

„Beauty is truth, truth beauty. That is all ye know on Earth, and all ye need to know.” -John Keats. 

We all are living in a world where our concepts of beauty are different, but we all have to face the real society. Many of us, especially those who were victims of lack of physical beauty, are trying to be the best version of us. this is what I like to write down as a motto on my desk.

Being the best version of you has no harmful mean, but at least you can help the others to see the real you, apart of your make-up and all those fancy-trancy things.

The beauty myth can be easily removed from put thoughts, because even if the world is full of fashion stereotypes, you can easily break through. A perfect body you can have only with the Photoshop, but is that real? A perfect body? Who can determine which are the parameters of the perfect body?

In a world where the fashion rules, a perfect beauty is hard to achieve, on the exterior side. But, looking inside, a most desired body is about the way you act, you speak, you listen, you do, you learn, you solve the problems, you feel, you enjoy the meaning of life.

Forget all about the beauty products, fragrances, diet pills, fashion magazines, clubs, parties, hair colors, expensive clothes or brands. This is not the true beauty is made of.

You are beauty as you are, as a human being. The true about the beauty is tat is everywhere, where are you and within everything near you.

Don”t hide your inside beauty into the shadow!

Having your kind of beauty is awesome!

Be you in every moment and learn to appreciate yourself!